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Lightweight, flexible, skin-safe reusable mask. Clinically tested filters with 99,98% virus and bacteria filtration efficiency. Tests carried out in Nelson Laboratories Inc, Salt Lake City, USA.
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KC Virus Mask is “the mask” on the market to protect you and your surroundings from viruses and bacteria with specially developed shape and virus filters. These patented masks and filters provide 99,98% filtration efficiency in both directions of respiration and stop perfectly viruses, pollen, dust, germ, and allergens too. These new generation personal protective masks are produced in Hungary & Austria (EU) by KC Struktur company.
Surgical masks, FFP1-3 certified respirators are usually tested in the direction of inspiration after colloid and interface science and not after microbiological tests. The tests take into account the efficiency of the filter and leakage to the face. In Europe, they must meet the European standard EN 149: 2001 which has three classes of disposable particulate respirators FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, but none of the FFP MASKS is certified or approved for the filtering of any virus or bacteria!
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About the KC Virus Mask filter

Our filters are independently tested by Nelson Laboratories Inc. and proven to be highly efficient in preventing the passage of bacteria and viruses. Relevant clinically, microbiological testing is carried out using Staphylococcus Aureus bacterium, with a size of 3.0 ± 0.3 μm and ФX174 bacteriophage virus, with a diameter of 0.027 μm (27 nm). These tests show the filter to be >99.98% efficient against these challenge organisms. The challenge presented in the viral test protocol will be at least as severe as that posed by the Coronavirus (2019-nCov) which originated in Wuhan with a size of 0.05 - 0.1μm.

Available colors

The KC Mask and various accessories are available in different colors and sizes to suit your face shape and clothing style. Adjustable straps and long-lasting nanotech filters provide safety and a comfortable fit through a long day or even 24 hours long flight journeys. The filters have been tested for 24h active use in the medical, virus-contaminated environment - we recommend changing them after 24 hours.

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KC Struktur - We design, we test and manufacture the products or parts you need!We are a group of engineers, designers in their mid 30´s, passionate about the well-being of our families. Our collaboration with investors and medical specialists have made this product a reality. We are confident, that very soon all our heroes can be protected worldwide by the KC Virus Mask. Join Us!
Founder and Designer - Botond Csősz (35), Financing and Business Developer - Boglárka Csősz-Talu (37), Production Engineer and Manager - Miklós Kállai (40)




Articles about KC Virus Mask

How it works

Watch this video and learn all about the KC Virus Mask

Why choose the KC Mask

Top 8 benefits for using KC Mask!

99.98% viral efficiency

One time purchase

Lightweight Soft on skin

replaceable & Afordable filter

skin-safe materials

Clinically tested

Washable temperature resistant

Ergonomic fit flexible face form


1 Who is the product designer?

KC Struktur Kft. based in Hungary is the designer of the KC Virus Mask and owns all rights to the final products. The products are protected with an international patent.

2 Who is the manufacturer?

KC Struktur Kft. is the manufacturer behind the products. At the moment we are getting ready for mass production and worldwide sales.

3 In which countries is the product available?

KC Struktur Kft. is pre selling the products at the moment worldwide on the official webshop.

4 When will the production start?

KC Struktur Kft. will be ready with all the preparations to start production in October 2020, mass production is expected to be fully set up in November 2020.

5 When do you plan to ship?

Shipments will start from the end of October 2020 through November 2020.

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